The Mother of Necessity: as more people turn to streaming movies online, what’s the answer to saving film festivals?

By : Jeremy Williams
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Reinvention can sometimes be seen as an ugly word, especially when it is applied to something that has a rich history full of tradition, but in the world of cinema, reinvention is the very thing that breathes life and keeps film fresh and relevant.  After 25 years of following the same formula, the TampaBay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, or TIGLFF, is at a point where they are reinventing the way they present the festival to the community.

For the first time in TIGLFF’s 26 year history, the festival will not center around the well-known Tampa Theatre. In May 2015, TIGLFF announced that they would be moving the main events – the opening, closing and several high profile films – to The Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg.

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