Lights on: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli on losing weight and winning herself

By : Aaron Alper
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Insult Comic Lisa Lampanelli, will be performing in Orlando at the Hard Rock on January 20 and Clearwater at the Capitol Theatre on January 21 and spoke with the Watermark to discuss her new play Stuffed, how weight loss has made her a better both as a person and a comic, and shows that “Comedy’s Loveable Queen of Mean” is actually, deep down, really very nice.

Watermark: Hello, Lisa, it’s such an honor.
Lisa Lampanelli: Oh my God, for me it is! I get to talk to another gay! I got on a phone with a straightie this morning and all I did was think about you going, “Where are the gays? I can’t stand these straight people.”

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A leaner queen of mean returns to Orlando

By : Kirk Hartlage
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Lisa Lampanelli is the Salt & Vinegar potato chip of stand-up comics. That first bite is oh-so-acidic while the follow-up stings in an aggressive attack on the senses. It’s both salty and sour, and – somewhat shamefully – completely addictive.

Of course, comparing the comedian who recently lost over 100 pounds to a greasy, unhealthy snack food might seem a bit insensitive…but we’re pretty sure she’d approve. Famous for her sharp-tongued attacks from the dais on a multitude of celebrity roasts – among her victims: Chevy Chase, Pamela Anderson, Donald Trump and William Shatner – Lampanelli gets as good as she gives.

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