Watermark’s Most Eligible – Central Florida: Jeff Jones

By : Jeremy Williams
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AGE: 43

HOMETOWN: Panama City, Fla.

IDENTIFIES AS: “Really gay”

PRONOUNS: He/ him/ his

SIGN: Sagittarius

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Watermark on the Fringe: “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom”

By : Danny Garcia
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The story begins in the biblical days of ancient Sodom. We meet two guards who watch over a lair where a virgin (played by Nathan Bonk) is to be sacrificed to the hungry Succubus (played by Kristin Pringle-Marksbury), but instead of the Succubus devouring the ingénue, she turns her into a fellow undead. So begins the tale of the eternal rivalry of the “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom.”

The story moves forward in time first to the days of classic Hollywood, then to  the early 1980’s where the deep-rooted feud continues. Bette and Joan have nothing on these girls and they don’t care who gets in their way when all hell breaks loose.

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Watermark on the Fringe: Vincent

By : Rick Claggett
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Sometimes you wish Fringe shows had a second act. That’s Vincent. Billed as an all-new original bro-mantic comedy about one of the oldest rivalries of all time – cats and dogs – Vincent is sure to be a Fringe fan favorite.

The show is impeccably cast. Michael Thibodeau, in his sophomore year at Orlando Fringe, plays the adorable and intellectual, yet sometimes-vicious, Whiskers. His counterpart is Rambo, a lovably playful and endearingly dumb golden retriever played by Rauce Padgett – also in his second year at Orlando Fringe. The two are thrust together when their humans fall in love. Aven Pitts joins the family in his Fringe debut as Bird, which sets Whiskers and Rambo on a “brom-com” of rivalry, friendship and love. Each actor perfectly embodies their animal characters.

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Watermark’s 2017 Orlando Fringe Reviews

By : Watermark Staff
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Orlando Fringe is back, and so is Watermark’s team of rapid reviewers ready to hit the venues and take in some shows in between our visits to the beer tent and cheese curds truck.

Orlando Fringe is happening now through May 29, so get out there and live this amazing theater experience; and make sure to check back with this page throughout the festival to see what Team Watermark thought of some of your favorite shows.

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