Rotten Tomatoes releases the Top 10 LGBTQ TV shows for Pride month

By : Colton Adkins
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In celebration of Pride Month, Rotten Tomatoes has released a list with the highest-rated LGBTQ movies and TV shows from the 2010’s. Rotten Tomatoes’ “Tomatometer” determined the top 10 for each category. The list curated showcases the best TV shows and films that tell the stories of the LGBTQ community.

For those unfamiliar, the Tomatometer score is based on “the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics,” according to the Rotten Tomatoes website. For each movie or show individually, a minimum of five reviews need to be done before an official Tomatometer score can be determined. A rating can be considered “Fresh” or “Certified Fresh.” “Fresh” means that at least 60 percent of reviews are positive, and “Certified Fresh” means the movie or TV show needs a steady score of at least 75 percent. However, to be “Certified Fresh” a film with wide release needs a minimum of 80 reviews, films with limited release need a minimum of 40 reviews and individual seasons of a TV show need to have a minimum of 20 reviews.

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