Screened Out: Men of Character

By : Stephen Miller
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SOFruitvaleStationFruitvale Station is an intimate biography that accomplishes great things. Based on an enraging 2009 tragedy, this film realistically shows us a deeply flawed character on the last day of his life. Michael B. Jordan’s nuanced performance deserves some serious award attention.

On Jan. 1, 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant (Jordan), his girlfriend, and their friends were coming home from celebrating New Year’s in San Francisco. A fistfight on the Bay Area Rapid Transit train got them pulled off and detained by an overzealous police force. While trying to handcuff Grant, surrounded by an increasingly confusing melee, an officer shot Grant in the back. Grant was at the time lying facedown on the platform at Fruitvale Station.

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