Ginger Minj and Daniel Franzese bring the Conners to life, kick off ‘TV Land LIVE’ season at Parliament House

By : Samantha Neely
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ABOVE: Ginger Minj and Daniel Franzese (L; pictured as Roseanne and Dan Conner) kick off the TV Land LIVE 2020 season (R) at the Parliament House Footlight Theater.

After last year’s hit “The Golden Gals LIVE,” Parliament House’s Footlight Theatre will be hosting “TV Land LIVE,” a series of shows in 2020 that are modeled after classic sitcoms 

The dynamic duo of Ginger Minj and Gidget Galore are bringing “hysterical, dragtastic, loving parodies” of five beloved sitcoms — “Rozeanne,” “Gilligan’z Island,” “Dezigning Women,” “Bee-Witched” and “The Munsterz” — to the stage along with resurrecting the one that started it all, “The Golden Gals LIVE.” 

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