High Fidelity: The dating game

By : Miguel Fuller
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Here we are. Back to square one. Back to Tinder. Back to Grindr. Back to Scruff. Back to Jack’d (yes, that’s actually a dating app).

Most of my time spent on the radio in Tampa Bay, I have been Miguel, the guy who is in a relationship. A week or so before Valentine’s Day that all changed. So here I am – single, kind of ready to mingle and jumping back into the dating world – but how do you do it?

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Scruff targets Superbowl fans outside of stadium

By : Staff Report
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Phoenix – Football fans headed to the big game might find themselves recruited to the opposite team.

Scruff, a gay social networking app, bought a 48-foot billboard outside the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of Superbowl XLIX.

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For some gays abroad, social networking poses risk

By : Wire Report
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For gay men in the dozens of countries that criminalize their sex lives, social networking can be a blessing or a curse.

High-tech dating apps and social media have enabled countless men to expand their circles of friends and lovers in settings that are hostile to any overt trace of being gay. Yet the same technology that they gratefully embrace can expose them to the risk of blackmail, arrest and violence.

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Is it sexually racist to declare disinterest in specific races?

By : Steve Blanchard
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Online dating is truly the way gay men meet love interests in the 21st century. Websites have given way to apps like Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, Radar and GuySpy all of which allow us to view virtual menus of men and potential sexual conquests.

On the surface, this new arena of dating and hooking up seems streamlined, simple and hassle free. But hidden not so well within those profiles lurks a new phenomenon dubbed “sexual racism.”

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