Watermark’s Most Remarkable People 2017: Jennifer Foster, Owner of Foster Productions, Inc.

By : Robin Maynard, Founder of Libby’s Legacy
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Robin Maynard

It’s interesting that the very definition of remarkable is “worthy of attention” because it’s the one thing Jennifer Foster doesn’t seek. She simply puts her head down and focuses on the important work to be done and she does so with compassion and true leadership.

Allow me to back up: I’ve been friends with Jennifer for more than a decade. Jennifer owns Foster Productions; however, she has volunteered with Florida little dog rescue, Big Brother/Big Sisters, HRC, Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation and more over the years. We hung out in friendship while our nonprofit work would occasionally meet (our two rescue dogs were brought to us by Jennifer and her wife to ‘foster’ and Jennifer would rally with a team to fundraiser for Libby’s Legacy once a year as well). Other than that, it was porch talks and football , birthday gatherings and the occasional dinner.

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Watermark’s 16 Most Remarkable People of ’16

By : Watermark Staff
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Watermark has chosen those who stood out from the LGBTQ community – 16 remarkable individuals who made a mark in 2016; whether through activism, generosity or beating the odds.

It has been a difficult year for all of us, both politically and personally, and those we have selected have made the most change, been the most inspiring and helped to make our LGBTQ community that much stronger in the face of adversity.

Below, our 16 Most Remarkable People of ’16.

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Legacy Fulfilled: Libby’s Legacy founder Robin Maynard does not give up

By : Billy Manes
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Sometimes tragedy and fate land us in different places than expected. In the case of Libby’s Legacy founder Robin Maynard – no stranger to tragedy, as she’s been an EMT and worked in forensics for Orange County – the tragedy was as personal as it could be.

“In 2005, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she says, recalling assurances by doctors that her mother’s treatment would progress easily. “So, I thought, ‘Here we go … everything’s going to be OK.”

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