Virginia gunman claims shootings are payback for gay, racist discrimination

By : Wire and Staff Reports
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MONETA, Va. (AP) — Vester Flanagan, the Virginia gunman who killed two co-workers on live television, said he did so because he allegedly had been discriminated against both for being gay and black.

In a 23-page letter sent by fax Aug. 26 to ABC News shortly after the shooting, Flanagan described several instances where he had been harassed. He also wrote “I’ve been a human powder keg for a while, just waiting to go BOOM!!!!”

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Ally Agenda: An open letter to the mainstream media

By : Jamie Hyman
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JamieHymanHeadshottDear Mainstream Media,

Jan. 6, 2015 sure was a big day, wasn’t it?

LGBT couples across Florida finally won the right to marriage equality. Many of them chose to be a part of history, by participating in various mass, public weddings located throughout the state. Not only were these ceremonies moving, beautiful expressions of enduring, committed love, but they sure were great photo and video opportunities for Florida’s newspapers and television stations.

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