Issue 26.25: The Remarkable People Issue

By : Dylan Todd
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Watermark presents the 19 Most Remarkable People of 2019 from Central Florida and Tampa Bay, NFL seeks LGBT businesses for Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV, Florida Puerto Rican Parade announces LGBTQ Committee, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!
Cover photographs by Dylan Todd, Design by DiBenedetto/Wiedemann.

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12.14.17 Publisher’s Desk

By : Rick Claggett
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Here we are in the thick of the holiday season. It’s sometimes hard to tell that the holidays are approaching in mid-Florida. There is so much to be done this time of year that the days fly by, and it doesn’t help when the weather is in the 70s and 80s. Luckily we are in what Floridians would call a “cold spell” right now, giving us a small taste of North Pole weather.

Christmas has become my favorite time of year. My fondest holiday memories are of when I was a kid. Christmas Eve was a special night for us. It was a night for the whole family to be together. We’d enjoy the lights my dad and uncles put up and snack all night on my mom’s famous date-nut bread. I was in charge of mixing the sherbet and ginger ale, a concoction I apparently couldn’t get enough of when I was young. When it got late, mom would tuck us into bed and read us Luke’s Christmas story from the Bible until we would fall asleep. Sometimes we were too excited so she’d have to read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas as well. We’d wake up to a wonderland. I remember nothing but warmth, happiness and love. It was magical.

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Watermark is looking for the Most Remarkable people of 2016

By : Watermark Staff
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Every year, Watermark chooses stand-outs from the LGBTQ community – remarkable individuals who made a mark in the past year, whether through activism, generosity or beating the odds.

2016 has been a difficult year for all of us, both politically and personally, especially considering the marriage victory last year, so we’re looking to honor those who have made the most change, been the most inspiring and helped to make our LGBTQ community that much stronger in the face of adversity.

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Nominate the most remarkable people of 2015!

By : Jamie Hyman
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Since the end of 2012, Watermark has highlighted local, “Remarkable” people of the year. This year, we want our readers to help decide who deserves recognition for their inspiration, contribution or achievement in the 2015 calendar year.

Who would you like to see on the cover of our annual year-end issue? DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH SOMEONE’S NAME. Submit your nominations and a brief explanation as to why you chose them (about 100 words) to

Nominations are due by Nov. 17, and please remember we will only consider local members of our community for this recognition.

Here are Watermark’s most remarkable people of 2014.

12.18.14 Editor’s Desk

By : Steve Blanchard
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SteveBlanchardHeadshot_137x185It’s not easy being gay. It sounds trite, but it’s true. And I’m assuming it’s just as difficult being lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

As we look back on 2014, we have a lot to celebrate. Marriage equality continued its sweep across the state, domestic partnership registries and human rights ordinances have finally protected some of our rights—even in the historically conservative counties—and more and more people holding elected offices have stepped out in support of their LGBT constituents.

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