Disgruntled Orlando Science Center patron sends missive about rainbows

By : Billy Manes
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Though there may be an argument to be made about the saturation of the Orlando market with Pulse tributes, those airing their frustrations are growing increasingly virulent in their terminology.

“I was confused when I saw the ‘rainbow’ on the bridge, one visitor wrote to OSC on its Facebook account. “Is the OSC now an official LGBTQ institution?”

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Editor’s Desk 07.02.15

By : Billy Manes
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BillyManesCapGood afternoon and welcome to my gracious drawing room.

I’m not certain who is or who isn’t aware of my past journalistic ridiculousness in Central Florida, because the wind blows and the rain falls and we all have our own lives to pin ourselves to. I am aware, however, that if you are reading this, we have a common purpose: love.

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Pixar’s “Inside Out” could be a coming out story

By : Jeremy Williams
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Is Pixar’s new film, Inside Out, a young girl’s coming out story?

While the movie does not premiere until June 19, several trailers have been released that point to this being Disney and Pixar’s most LGBT-friendly film yet.

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