2019 WAVE Award Spotlight: Parliament House

By : Abigail Brashear
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Central Florida’s Favorite Local Hotel/B&B, Favorite LGBTQ Club/Bar, Favorite Place To Pick Up A Watermark, Which Local Person Or Group Needs A Reality Show? (Ms. Darcel Stevens)

Parliament House is the oldest gay resort in Central Florida, has been selected as the most popular LGBTQ bar in the United States by marketing organizations and has been home to such iconic stars as Miss P, Ms. Darcel Stevens and Tashae Royale Sherrington. It’s no wonder that they’ve won so many awards.

Parliament House was founded as a gay resort in 1975 and since then has become a bar, a theatre, a timeshare and a nightclub, featuring drag queens and LGBTQ icons. It’s seen as both a safe space and as a place where people from all walks of life can relax and have a good time.

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Overheard in Orlando: the Center nears end of renovation, Pat O’Rourke becomes an “Angel” and Clive Barker’s art at the Artegon

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Fire Away
As you drive on Mills and look towards the Center, you see what appears to be a complete renovation.

We were told the grand opening would be sometime in September but now as we approach the end of October, the doors remain closed and the Center still operates next door. So, what gives? According to Terry Decarlo, he said the team at TrueScope has been on schedule, but the delay is due to the city and recent permitting issues.

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Bear Bust celebrates 25 years

By : Ciara Varone
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Leather and chest hair and bears, oh my! Bears are coming out of hibernation and ready to celebrate for the 25th anniversary of Bear Bust, the longest-running event catering to bears in Florida.

After a hectic transition when the Bears of Central Florida dissolved and Parliament House took over the festivities three years ago, Bear Bust is once again trying to establish its status as the can’t-miss spectacle of the season for the bear community across the nation.

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