Parliament House looks to renovate, develop after bankruptcy

By : Jamie Hyman
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Orlando – Parliament House is officially unburdened by bankruptcy and looking ahead to an expansion, a big new partnership and its 40th anniversary.

According to attorney Scott Shuker, Parliament House filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy July 25 of 2014 and emerged in early March 2015.

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2015 Conclave hosted at P-House by Orlando Sisters

By : Staff Report
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ProjectNunwayOrlando – For a weekend in March, a slew of Sisters from across the U.S. will converge upon Orlando for their 2015 Conclave of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The Orlando Sisters will host the four-day weekend of events at the Parliament House. This year’s conclave is called “NUNSTOPPABLE,” to show how far the organization has come and where they are headed.

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Overheard in Orlando: ‘Field Guide to the Gays’ gets a sequel!

By : Anonymous
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Sue-Bee turns 50 in style
Pish Phest Phounder Sue-Bee Lagniness celebrated her Phabulous Phifty in true style! The Abbey played host to the Dec. 27 bash The big bash and the marquee wished her a Happy Birthday. It also announced a special performance by Silkee Smooth! Watermark was informed the party didn’t stop and we’re confident it’s still going as you read this.

Donahoo plans to go elbow deep
Last year Watermark’s guide to everything Fringe was our “Oh My Gay” cover—featuring Logan Donahoo, who’s 2013 Field Guide to the Gays sold out nearly every single show. This year, Logan dives back into the lavender pool in Field Guide to the Gays 2! The original show touched on gay history, gay stigmas and even instructional ways to, well, receive. With a little bit of lube and a lot of laughter, Logan promises to delve deep into what he just touched on in the first show, but this time he plans to go in elbow deep.

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Little Miss Parliament House – Gay Days weekend

By : Danny Garcia
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In the style of Toddlers and Tiaras, Lil’ Miss Parliament House is a hilarious satire of perils of toddler pageants.

The show consists of a local pageant promoter, the overly tanned Del Frisco played by Jeff Jones, his wife, being filmed for a pageant documentary show. As he sets the audience up with how perfect everything is set to be, you know you’re going to get the complete opposite.

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Leanne Rimes – Parliament House

By : Jeremy Williams
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Before country diva Leann Rimes took the stage at 1 a.m., Parliament House owner Don Granatstein announced to the packed house that she was the biggest star to ever appear at the LGBT resort.

She performed a high-energy set in a skimpy top. It wasn’t until she introduced her husband, Eddie Cibrian, did we realize we’d been standing right next to him in the audience the whole time.

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Mya at Parliament House

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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Parliament House was packed from wall-to-wall with people as it kicked off their Gay Days Weekend Party June 6. The highlight of the night was the concert put on by artist Mya.

With plenty of different rooms to dance in, and with DJs playing great jams all night, people packed the dance floor. Out by the main resort area near the pool, people stood to watch the drag performances beforehand by various local performers.

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PI @ PH 2014

By : Jeremy Williams
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At PI @PH June 5, Parliament House hosted a gigantic dance party inspired by the now-closed but much-missed Disney’s Pleasure Island nightclubs, which shut down in 2008.

While techno and hip-hop pumped outside, the music of Latin Night was the soundtrack inside the bar. 

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Gay Days-themed Almost Famous at Parliament House

By : Rick Claggett
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On June 4, Gidget Galore hosted a special Gay Days weekend-themed edition of Almost Famous, her anything-goes talent show.

Addison Taylor played the “Simon Cowell”-type judge and provided a great mixture of humor and advice for the contestants.

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Hip Hop Tuesday & Orlando Black Pride Kickoff 2014

By : Patrick O'Connor
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DJ Scott Roberts provided the hip hop beats for the kickoff to Orlando Black Pride June 3. It was held at Parliament House during their regular Hip Hop Tuesday.

P-House looked fabulous and the crowd was high-energy, friendly and ready to party. Watermark spent most of our time with a gang of hot ladies from Tampa who were ready to go crazy. Everyone was already super excited for the Gay Days weekend ahead.

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Issue 20.11: One Mighty Comeback?

By : Aaron Alper
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One Mighty Comeback? Four years after leaving town amid controversy, Johnny Chisholm returns to promote his party during Orlando’s big gay weekend, Belinda Carlisle preps for P-House show, Judy Tenuta brings love to Gay Days, Disney’s Pride group unofficially welcomes revelers, Indigo Girls aim to empower audiences in Clearwater, St. Pete Pride announces 2013 grand marshals, local news, celebrity interviews, and much more!

Also: GD2013, Watermark’s COMPLETE guide to Orlando’s big gay weekend.

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Bear groups reconcile for Bear Bust Weekend

By : AnitaHeading
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The once-competing Bear social groups, Bears of Central Florida (BOCF) and Bears, Cubs, Chubbies and Chasers (BC3) are now joining forces.

Fred Belgie, with BC3, said BOCF leadership approached him about working together.
“There were three key people in BOCF that caused a lot of the friction and they’re gone,” said Belgie, which paved the way for the new partnership.

BOCF does have new leadership. Former president Jamie Beverly resigned so former vice president Rob Roberts stepped into the club’s top role.

The source of much contention last year was BC3’s decision to have a weekend event at Parliament House during the same weekend as BOCF’s traditional Bear Bust weekend, held at a different resort. Roberts said as soon as he stepped into the president’s spot, he wanted to move back toward working with BC3.

“As of last year with Bear Bust I had wanted Parliament House to be a part of Bear Bust still,” Roberts said. “There were several of us on the board who felt that even though Parliament House wasn’t the correct location for the entire [Bear Bust] event, they were still an important part of the community and should have been included in Bear Bust, so we wanted to rectify that this year.”

According to Roberts, the weekend is Oct. 14-17 and will be split between Parliament House and the Royal Plaza Resort, Bear Bust’s host hotel for 2010. Friday night there will be a welcome party at the Royal Plaza with a shuttle to P-House later, with activities at the hotel for anyone who wants to stay. On Saturday night, there will be a Black and Red Ball at Royal Plaza commemorating Bear Bust’s 20th anniversary, then Sunday includes a farewell T-dance at Parliament House.

In the meantime, the groups are working together on a monthly Bear event at Parliament House, which debuted July 24. Belgie said 200–300 people attended, and they raised several hundred dollars which went to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The next event will be Aug. 20, and then every 3rd Friday of the month after that. On July 24, Parliament House also revealed that the back bar is now a dedicated Bear bar, complete with a new sign labeling it the “Bear Den.”

Belgie said BC3 will continue as a social club, with more events planned. He said he’s happy about the new partnership with BOCF.

“Working together is not a bad thing,” he said. “It just gives the Bears in Central Florida more to do, and two groups is very do-able.”

Roberts agrees.

“I think between the two of us we should be able to bring the community together again and make sure everybody gets what they need out of the bear community in Orlando,” he said.

And what about the rumors and accusations regarding money mismanagement by BOCF?

“All of our records as far as money is concerned are a matter of public domain and anyone who is interested can come to our monthly meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. at Parliament House and ask to see those,” said Roberts. “The general membership meeting is open to the public.”