Newly-out Aaron Carter hits the road with his first album in 15 years

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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“For me, it’s all about the music,” Tampa-born Aaron Carter says. “And if there is one lesson I’ve learned this [last] year, it’s not to dwell on the past, but to live for the future.”

It’s a wonderful sentiment for the multi-platinum pop star on the eve of the release of LøVë, his first studio album in 15 years, particularly following a year of highly publicized ups and downs. But to understand Carter’s zest for his upcoming release and for the future, one has to examine his past.

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Overheard in Tampa Bay: Rocky Horror, Nick Carter’s strip club advice and Ben Carson

By : Anonymous
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Let’s do the Time Warp right meow!
Few things scream Halloween more than a public showing of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it’s made even better when it’s done for charity. The Burns Court Cinema in Downtown Sarasota will have an all-out, costumed viewing over at the Frankenstein place on Halloween night. Admission will be a $25 donation and includes the Rocky Horror bag-o-goodies for the enhanced cinematic experience. Proceeds will go to the CAT DEPOT; a rescue, adoption, education and resource center for homeless cats and kittens. Hot Patootie, bless their souls. The donation also gets you a free raffle ticket and a free drink at the Starlite Room after party. Dammit Janet, if you’re a Rocky Horror virgin and don’t know the words don’t worry they’ll have subtitles and plenty of people will be there to help you touch-a, touch-a, touch your inner Rocky.

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