Gay prisoners of Buchenwald remembered at Nazi camp site

By : wire report
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BERLIN (AP) | A ceremony has been held at the former site of Germany’s Buchenwald concentration camp to remember people imprisoned there because they were thought to be gay.

The commemoration on Sunday was part of events in the nearby town of Weimar for Christopher Street Day, Germany’s LGBTQ pride observance.

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An exhibit at the Florida Holocaust Museum takes a look at the persecution of gay men in Nazi Germany

By : Jeremy Williams
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Germany to pardon tens of thousands of homosexual men convicted under anti-gay, World War II era law, Paragraph 175.

This is not a headline that flashed across newspapers worldwide at the end of the worst war in human history 70 years ago. It didn’t hit the evening news in the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s as countries across the planet decriminalized homosexuality and began to revoke those laws. This is a headline you will see if you log onto your computers now, scroll through Facebook or Twitter and read the words of German Justice Minister Heiko Maas from this past March.

“The rehabilitation of men who ended up in court purely because of their homosexuality is long overdue,” Maas said.

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Tampa Bay’s Overheard: SMART Ride, the Pink Triangle and Ybor shows the love

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After a two day track full of blood, sweat and tears, across a 165-mile stretch from Miami to Key West, the 2016 SMART Ride is done. At the end of the ride, which was held Nov. 17-18, organizers raised $1,037,140, about $45,000 of which came from right here from Tampa Bay area cyclists.

SMART Ride got started in 2003 with less than 100 riders and raised $169,000, all of which went to HIV/AIDS organizations in Florida. Fast forward 13 years, and with SMART Ride now raising more than $8 million in total, all going back to HIV/AIDS groups in the state, they are the second-largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country.

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