PHOTOS: Orlando Fringe Preview Show

By : Danny Garcia
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Orlando Fringe’s annual preview shows give Fringe-natics an opportunity to view a two minute presentation to see what’s in store for this year’s festival. Broken into two categories, General Audience & Mature Audience – both shows are always well attended. The General Audience was hosted by Eric Pinder & Mature Audience by Rob Ward as Pepe.

This year’s preview was filled with dancers, contortionists, a Russian dog shot into space, a fabulously flamboyant Frog/Pig hybrid, ghosts and ghost-bustin’ Shakespearean performers. The performers ranged from the very young in the Xanadu Jr. production, to the young at heart with the Downtowners, a group of musically inclined senior citizens.

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Overheard in Orlando: Swan take, Real talk, and Fringe

By : Anonymous
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Swan Take
Someone certainly ruffled some feathers recently when six cygnets (baby swans) went missing from Lake Eola. Initially,in a post made by City Commissioner Patty Sheehan, the post mentioned that a predator or natural activity would not have resulted in such a large number of swans going missing. The post snowballed with over a thousand shares. Billboards are now reading “RETURN OUR SWANS,” and PETA has even offered a $5,000 reward for the safe return of the little guys. Many walking around Lake Eola for the 2016 AIDS Walk took notice of the one single swan on her empty nest, head cradled under her wing. It’s been noted that the security cameras around the park had not been working, which has resulted in no leads to the animal theft. If anyone has any information to the whereabouts of these six little swans, please contact CrimeLine at 800-423-TIPS.

Real Talk
Stuff just got for REAL for Watermark columnist and local radio personality Sabrina Umbra from Real Radio’s 104.1 FM’s News Junkie, who happily announced she’s not going anywhere. Sabrina’s contract was up for renewal and, from what we’ve heard on 104.1, she was able to negotiate a pretty good deal extending her run in Orlando for another three years.

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Fringe Preview shows “adult” talent coming to Festival

By : Jeremy Williams
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The Orlando International Fringe Festival held their annual Fringe Preview at the Shakespeare Theater on April 13.

Those who have been to a Fringe show in the past know that sometimes they are risque, adult themed and occasionally have some naked time, this year will not be any different.

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