Trailer reveals Sean Hayes as ‘Lazy Susan’

By : John Paul King of the washington blade, courtesy of the national LGBT media association
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ABOVE: Sean Hayes stars as “Lazy Susan” (Image courtesy Shout! Studios)

Thanks to years of portraying Jack McFarland on the hit NBC sitcom “Will & Grace,” we’re all used to seeing Sean Hayes in the role of a comically self-absorbed, shallow schemer who has no shame when it comes to manipulating others into taking care of him.

This spring, we’ll get to see him play it again – only this time, he’ll be doing it as a woman.

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Screened Out – The Hollars

By : Stephen Miller
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John Krasinski, Margo Martindale, Anna Kendrick, Richard Jenkins, Sharltoe Copeley, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Charlie Day, Josh Groban

So, with The Hollars, John Krasinski has directed his first film…

Essentially, it’s a little indie flick about a quirky family hitting the skids. So, we can remember Little Miss Sunshine, Garden State, Wish I Were Here, and a whole host of other films…all of which did this slightly better.

Firstly, the plot isn’t anything spectacular. Dad Jenkins is losing his business; he’s fired his first son Copeley, so the son has moved back home. Momma Martindale has a nasty brain tumor. And then second son Krasinski is in NYC. He is a failed graphic novelist in a wobbly relationship to the very pregnant Kendrick.

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