LGBTQ workshop to help heal trauma coming to Winter Park

By : Samantha Neely
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ORLANDO | The sting of rejection within the LGBTQ community is something therapists Lindsay Kincaide and Marcie Cramer have seen for years, both professionally and personally, and is something they have seen show up in many forms.

“When you look at what people think of trauma and they think about sexual abuse or being beaten or being neglected, at the core of all of those is a rejection because from my perspective, as a community, the community is rejected, so it’s multifaceted and you’ll see it’s really like a gem,” Cramer says. “Wherever you turn, you’ll see a different facet but at the core of this is: ‘Do I have a right to be here?’ ‘Do I have a right to exist?’ ‘What is my worth?’ — and that all comes from rejection.”

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