Chik-fil-Gay?: Controversial fast-food restaurant said to be sponsoring LGBT film fest

By : Billy Manes
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You should probably take this with a grain of salt (and a pickle, and some waffle fries), but the conservative Christian web aggregators are exhibiting distinct signs of heartburn over Chik-fil-A again, this time because some franchisees from the fry-hole are leaning a little too closely into fairness territory. The latest fracas comes with an holy-rolling context, though: Level Ground, “the world’s first film festival connecting lesbian, gay and transgender sexuality with faith and evangelical Christianity,” according to its website, hosts six events nationwide. It’s almost like a liberal chicken conspiracy!

Locally, Chik-fil-A was caught up in a controversy early this year for its association with the enormously popular Orlando City Soccer Club. The company – or one of its franchises – also partnered with Orlando’s own Come Out With Pride festival not too long ago, which was a bit of bone of contention for both organizations. Other franchises in other areas have similarly aligned with pride events. Is the pickle sweetening? Probably not. From the WND piece: 

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