Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Shiva and Randy Nataraj-Allen

By : Aaron Drake
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“I was vacationing in Trinidad [in the Caribbean],” Shiva Nataraj-Allen shares about when he first thought of marrying his now-husband Randy Nataraj-Allen. “I was having a tough time sleeping and really missed Randy. That’s when I knew he was the one. This was in October 2014; when I got back Randy said he couldn’t get me off his mind. The rest is history.”

“He was constantly on my mind, every moment of the day,” Randy says.

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Orlando 2016 Fringe Review: So You Say You Want a Revolution

By : Samantha Rosenthal
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so you say you want a revolution

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So You Say You Want a Revolution
Purple venue, find showtimes

Peace. That is how Bob Azzarito, aka: pianobob.org as he refers to himself, starts off the one-man show/talk, and that seemed to be the key word throughout the show.

Azzarito’s show is a “rock symposium on peace”, which is more or less him using a multimedia PowerPoint show, guitar, keyboard and songs to talk about how searching for peace and justice back in the 1960s is similar to what is going on now in society. He tells us he is a retired schoolteacher and lover of rock & roll, which can explain why around 10 minutes or so of his show was preaching about the goodness and need for public education.

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