Orlando Pagan Pride Day 2018

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  • Join us for our free community event and learn about Earth-based religions in a family friendly atmosphere! This fun filled day will have spiritual workshops, vendors, nonprofits, Pagan groups, children’s activities, a huge raffle, food and bake sale, drum circle, ritual, and more! Event is rain or shine!

    Admission is free, but we appreciate donations for our Charity Drives:
    Non-perishable food for Second Harvest Food Bank

Toiletry Items for Hands of the Goddess, an organization that helps meet the needs of the homeless and at-risk
Dry or wet dog or cat food, collars and leashes for Bandit’s Buddies, part of Hands of the Goddess, it serves the homeless owned animals

Jackie Chan’s daughter claims she is homeless due to homophobia

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ABOVE: Andi Autumn and Etta Ng. Screenshot via YouTube.

Etta Ng, Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter, is claiming she and her girlfriend Andi Autumn are homeless due to homophobia.

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 The Homeless Banquet is the first of its kind in Orlando. In 2016, through a collaborative effort of One Race Human Race, the City of Orlando represented by Commissioner Regina Hill and Amerigroup, we served more than 200 people and are looking to increase that number this year.


This banquet was established by One Race Human Race, an Orlando based community outreach campaign designed to provide food, clothing and hygiene products to the homeless. Our mission is to promote equality by treating each other as human beings regardless of social, physical, economic or culture differences.


The Homeless Banquet is dedicated to the homeless and displaced families in our Orlando community and will include a gourmet meal, resource fair, diverse entertainment and a Kids Zone. There is also an opportunity for local businesses that serve and assist the homeless to showcase their services and products at our resource fair.



This heartfelt event will be held on:


Saturday, November 11, 2017

J.B. Callahan Neighborhood Center

101 N Parramore Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

11am to 2pm (Resource Fair at 10am-12pm)

The Vagrant

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The Vagrant

By Brett Hursey

Sept 29-Oct 14, 2017 * Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 * Sundays at 6pm

Tickets $15.00 when purchased in advance online. $20.00 cash at the door with a $5.00 discount for students, seniors, military, investment bankers, hot dog vendors, social workers and anyone who has been homeless at one point or another in their lives. Free to anyone who is currently homeless.

Lenny Madison is well adjusted to life on the streets of NYC. He swindles hot dogs from Rodney and takes care of Maggie the bag lady. Mr. Edgeworth provides a lifeline to a reality he’d rather ignore. When he begins cavorting with John and Rachael it suddenly becomes too difficult to hide in plain sight.

Here is a link to the Denver Post review from the 2011 production:



Attached Press photo:

Cast of Brett Hursey’s The Vagrant. Standing L-R: John Sullivan, Sean Delaney, Michelle Jacqueline Papaycik, Larry Stallings, Seated L-R: David Martin, Winnie Wenglewick

Watermark endorses Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary

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The bluster was all there in Orlando on Feb. 17, as it typically is at Democratic political events held in union offices. There was a violinist, there were stilt-walkers and there were numerous names and faces often associated with the local liberal machine. There was also a cheering squad of three shouting things like, “When I say madam, you say president!” It was all in the name of advancing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Florida, of course. Clinton has been opening offices throughout the state in the past weeks, eliciting hyperbolic statements of support. When statements like, “She’s a hard-nosed candidate who can get things done,” are thrown around by union leaders, it’s hard not to notice.

The battle is on.

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Overheard in Tampa Bay: Tampa Pride’s celebrity

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Tampa Pride snags its celebrity
With about a month to go, details for Tampa Pride are starting to come in and get finalized. After last year’s huge success when 40,000+ attendees filled the streets in Ybor the pressure is on to try and be bigger and better. Tampa Pride held there Miss Tampa Pride pageant and selected their queen. The grand marshals have been plunked from the community – Fox 13 News morning anchor Russell Rhodes and CEO of Metro Wellness & Community Centers Lorraine Langlois – and now we have our celebrity grand marshal, photographer and designer Mike Ruiz. You might remember Ruiz from Logo’s reality series The A-List, or his appearances on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, America’s Next Top Model and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ruiz has also been recognized and praised for working to help LGBT homeless youth.

There be Mormons outside this theater
One of Broadway’s biggest hits, the Book of Mormon, paid a visit to the bay area and had a sold out run Feb. 16-21 at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. If you were lucky enough to get a chance to see the show, you probably noticed something charming occurring right outside the theater. A group of well mannered, clean cut, real life Mormons! That’s right, the light hearted Latter Day Saints were parked outside saying “Hello!” to guests as they entered the show. Unlike many conservative, religious groups who would set up camp with picket signs and yell out ignorant chants, these young lads hung out Two by Two with a sign that read, “have your picture taken with the real thing.” They smiled, they shook hands and they talked with anyone about anything without pushing any agenda, only talking about the All-American Prophet and handing out the Bible Part 3, if you so wanted to. They even hung out after the show, asked theater goers if they had a good time and enjoyed themselves and never once condemned anyone to a Spooky Mormon Hell Dream. Well done boys.

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Boy Scout performs gay community service for Eagle Scout project

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Chicago (AP) – David Fite had already earned the 21 Boy Scout merit badges needed to earn the coveted rank of Eagle. But he still had to complete a community service project.

Now 16, he’d always been a gung-ho scout, dutiful, polite and committed. But he’d also been disappointed with the organization’s longstanding ban on openly gay scouts and leaders, so much so that he’d considered quitting. “I knew it wasn’t right,” said Fite, who has many family friends who are gay or lesbian – some of them honorary “aunts” and “uncles” who’ve given him money for camp and other scouting projects over the years.

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Jason and deMarco to Perform at SunCoast Cathedral MCC

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As part of their “Anything is Possible” tour, contemporary pop worship artists Jason and deMarco will be performing live at SunCoast Cathedral MCC in Venice on Friday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. The concert will be a free-will offering and coincides with the church’s 21st anniversary.

Susie Brenner, SunCoast MCC program developer, says she is excited about their music and the message they bring.

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LGBT charity raises enough money to buy out anti-gay church

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Harlem, New York – The Ali Forney Center met a $200,000 fundraising goal in less than two weeks.

Donations poured in following news that vocally anti-gay Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church will face foreclosure auction on Feb 24. The charity quickly expressed interest in buying the building.

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Uprisings: Six as a weapon

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As if the holidays weren’t already filled with all the comfort and joy and everything else that could potentially cause side-eyes or horror, just before Christmas, your favorite hoard of aberrant Republican reindeer decided – well at least six of them did – that they would sign on to enact the First Amendment Defense Act (SB 1598, HB 2802) within their first 100 days in office. We would laugh, but this isn’t funny. The bill, which was excreted by Republican Rep. Raul Labrador, R-ID, and his sidekick Sen. Mike Lee, R-UT, seemed a bit like a lark when introduced over the summer. Who does that? But now, with Republicans desperate to distinguish themselves from the Trump or the kindness, we have a situation.

What the First Amendment Defense Act does, effectively, is allow businesses (and lobbying groups, as we’ve seen) to discriminate against gay people. You know the words: “Marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman,” “sexual relations are properly reserved to such a marriage.” Oh, fuck off.

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Six Republican candidates vow to pass anti-gay bill if elected

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See the photo above? Those are the six Republican presidential hopefuls officially on record with their commitment to discriminating against gay people.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson , Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee have all promised, if elected, to pass the “First Amendment Defense Act,” during their first 100 days in office.

That is very bad.

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As World AIDS Day approaches, philanthropic organizations adjust to changing times and perceptions in the world of HIV

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A little over a year ago, Orlando resident Logan Donahoo, 33, was frightened into a new reality. After receiving the typical glossing over on issues of STDs and HIV/AIDS from primary care physicians throughout his adulthood, the awkward nudges toward using protection during sex that ring in distant absolutes as if to brush the subject away, he got a clearer view.

“I got my annual physical done, and for my first time, even though I’ve been tested for HIV over and over again throughout my life. I finally got tested for [sexually transmitted diseases] and I got tested for HIV,” he says. “I got a little STD scare when the health department called me and gave me the scary news. Even though I knew that was within the realm of possibility, and I knew about partner notification, finally getting that phone call and knowing what that feels like made it hit home. So, I was like, ‘OK, if I can never have this happen again, and I can know that it’s something non-life threatening, then I will.’

Finally, he opened up with his doctor.

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