Orlando’s Big LGBTQ Weekend still has something for everyone

By : Jeremy Williams
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The newly created KindRED Pride Foundation is bringing some of the weekend’s most anticipated events, but the kickoff weekend to Orlando’s big Pride Month is packed full of some returning favorites and big surprises.

Just as with the last several years, RED Shirt Pride Days has a designated Disney theme park for each day from May 30-June 2.

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Orlando’s Overheard: Final trivia, Ginger Minj makes ‘Friends’ & closed attractions

By : Anonymous
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Scottie’s Last Day

For nearly three years, The Hammered Lamb has played host to Scottie Campbell’s Trivia Night, which raises money for Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Week after week, Scottie hosts on The Hammered Lamb’s outdoor patio, with many trivia fans arriving early just to guarantee a seat. However, Scottie’s trivia days are nearly over. The official Last Day of Trivia arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

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GLAAD study finds studio movies behind in LGBT roles

By : Wire Report
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New York (AP) — An annual study by GLAAD has found that Hollywood studios continue to lag in producing films representing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, despite a slight improvement over the last year.

Examining the 114 films released by the seven largest movie studios in 2014, the study found that 17.5 percent of them included characters identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual. There were no identifiably transgender characters. The findings, released on April 15, are a slight uptick from the 16.7 percent of “inclusive” movies from 2013.

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