Second chances: Two Spirit Health Services opens in downtown Orlando

By : Billy Manes
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As doctors’ offices go, Two Spirit Health Services, recently-opened on North Magnolia Avenue in Downtown Orlando (on the North side of Orange Avenue), is fairly posh – far beyond expectations for a health center which seeks to become a one-stop, judgment-free zone for a predominately LGBT client base, covering primary care, mental health concerns, substance abuse, trans-specific health care, among other things (there is a laser hair-removal component).

On the outside, it’s a standard office building across from the nearby Wells Fargo skyscraper; inside, however, its modesty gives way to a touch of flair. The reason for the color splashes and stylish wall adornments is clear: Dr. David Baker-Hargrove (or, Dr. Dave), a longtime fixture in the Orlando LGBT community, a noted mental-health therapist and the former president of the Metropolitan Business Association, isn’t one to play things down. Though getting the point of launching Two Spirits took some downtime and soul searching, he says, some of that is due to the stresses of leading a volunteer board.

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