Matthew McGee, Nick Smith revisit classic Halloween films

By : Jeremy Williams
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Do you remember the first time you watched your favorite Halloween movie? Maybe your first paranormal cinema experience was 1984’s “Ghostbusters.” Perhaps you feel better connected to the campy goodness of 1993’s “Hocus Pocus.”

Films like these, seen through our youthful eyes, seem like they should be placed on pedestals and cherished forever, but do they hold up as adults? We asked the “Gate Keeper” Matthew McGee and “Key Master” Nick Smith to review classic films from last century to find out.

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MegaCon kicks off in full cosplay

By : Patrick O'Connor
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If your inner, or outer, geek is looking for a place to fly its flag this weekend, Central Florida’s big pop culture convention, MegaCon, has begun.

MegaCon is expected to generate $23 million for the local economy Last year, the convention saw 80,000 attendees on its busiest day. This year looks
to be even bigger, with guests like pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, actor Ron Perlman, and cast members from Firefly, The
Walking Dead, Adventure Time and The Princess Bride, among many others.

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