Tampa, Orlando residents create expansive LGBTQ film database

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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If you can’t name over 1,000 LGBTQ-focused films, Tampa Bay’s Brandon Taylor and Orlando’s Brock Cornelius would like to change that. The business partners—via the Orlando Entertainment Group, LLC—have created GayMovieDB.com, which they describe as the most comprehensive and easily navigable internet database available for films of interest to the LGBTQ community.

Launched in June 2018, GayMovieDB seeks to detail the whole of LGBTQ representation on film and make it easily accessible for users to discover new and interesting titles. The resource highlights selections from the silver to the small screen, listing over 1,150 full-length feature films, over 50 short films, 20 television series highlighting over 70 seasons and including data on over 9,000 celebrities.

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