Screened Out – Labyrinth of Lies

By : Stephen Miller
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Andre Szymanski , Alexander Fehling, Fritz Bauer

It’s amazing to think that anyone could ignore the history of Auschwitz, where over 1.1 million people were exterminated. After the brutalities of WWII and the miraculous financial turnaround of the late 1950s, Germany wanted to do just that – forget. Ex-Nazis hung up their uniforms and quietly slipped back into civilian society. They and the rest of the country hoped that the past would stay in the past.

Labyrinth of Lies is an earnest German-language film about the investigations that brought famous Nazis out of hiding and to trial in the early 1960s. This time, Germans prosecuted Germans, ripping open old wounds.

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Issue 22.20: Come Out With Pride

By : Jake Stevens
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What a difference a year makes: Come Out With Pride Come s out of the mess and into the magic, Dr. Dave brings LGBT health care downtown, Ex-Exodus leader Alan Chambers talks atonement in the face of doubt, Stonewall throws a brick at gay history , local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

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Screened Out – Magic Mike XXL

By : Stephen Miller
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Chaning Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Adam Rodriguez, Jada Pinkett Smith, Amanda Heard, Andie McDowell, Elizabeth Banks

An older male stripper named Tarzan (Nash) is about to go onstage with a new routine. He turns to his coworker and confesses, “I haven’t been this nervous since Desert Storm.”


Magic Mike XXL, you suck, and not in a good way!

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Openly gay, ex-Rhode Island House speaker gets 3 years for corruption

By : Wire Report
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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — After tearfully declaring himself a disgrace, former Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox was sentenced June 11 to three years in prison for corruption, saying he had been driven by greed, a desire to keep up with the Joneses and “just plain stupidity.”

The sentencing brings to a close the federal investigation into a man once considered the most powerful person in state government. He represented Providence for 11 terms in the House and became the nation’s first openly gay House speaker in 2010.

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Screened Out – Ex Machina

By : Stephen Miller
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Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander

Some of us love brainteasers – films that make us discuss “what ifs.” The ponderous and fascinating Ex Machina is one of those movies. You only need to know the barest description of plot to decide whether this story is for you. Revealing too much might lessen the entertainment.

Screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland helms Ex Machina, his directorial debut. He’s always fascinated with the future – he wrote 28 Days Later and adapted the strange Japanese novel Never Let Me Go. Both of them are grim. This is no different. In Ex Machina, he delves into the ethically cloudy world of A.I. – Artificial intelligence.

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Friends With an Ex; Yay or Nay?

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ErikCabanHeadshot_copy“Hello, excuse me pig? You don’t get to call me up and talk to me about everyday things. No, that’s over, bitch,â┚¬Â my new pal Judy Tenuta said, voicing her opinion on the topic.

I wasn't sure what John was trying to accomplish the other night but I did know that I wasn't going to let him wreak havoc on my emotions again. I wrote it off to him being drunk.

However, that wasn't the case for him. I began receiving texts, phone calls and emails from him wanting to talk about the other night; all of which I left unanswered. What was there to talk about?

Yet I knew if I didn't clear up the situation, I'd be haunted by it. And I knew I'd have to see him at some point since we were in the same social circles and from his messages, he seemed truly insistent on talking to me. So, I decided to tear the bandage off and hear what he had to say about it.

Instead of some earnest explanation, all I got was, â┚¬Å”I was intoxicated.â┚¬Â

Refreshing his memory, he responded with, â┚¬Å”I remember some of what I said and it was heartfelt but don't overanalyze it.â┚¬Â

John obviously didn't share my sentiments when I asked him how he could just turn it off.

â┚¬Å”You'll find someone else,â┚¬Â he said nonchalantly.

Gee, I'm glad that's cleared up and worth wracking my nerves over.

He went on to talk about us being friends. I've never been able to be friends with an ex. I'm a — â┚¬Å”We didn't work out. You need to not existâ┚¬Â â┚¬â€œ kind of person.

â┚¬Å”You're lucky,â┚¬Â my friend Michael pointed out. â┚¬Å”I've been trying to befriend my ex for months but he won't even talk to me. At least John's trying to make the effort.â┚¬Â

What's the point?

Erik Fact: They're an ex for a reason.

I feel like if an ex is around, you're bound to be constantly wondering â┚¬Ëœwhat if?' Despite what may have transpired; good or bad, feelings can get confused. I don't want to hear about him going on dates with people or sleeping with people. There's too much deeper emotion between us that I seem to be the only one willing to admit to. I can't keep chasing a ghost.

â┚¬Å”Two of my best friends are exes,â┚¬Â another friend Dennis told me. â┚¬Å”Just because we didn't work out as a couple, there are still things I love about them.â┚¬Â

Maybe I was being childish. When John invited me to meet himâ┚¬Â¦Ã¢â”šÂ¬Ã‚and a dateâ┚¬Â out a nightclub, I wondered if it was possible to turn was once a passionate love into something that fits on the friendship shelf? Since John seemed to be a friendly ghost, I figured we could take a stab at it.

I showed up with a date in tow, as well only to realize that his couldn't make it. After intros and some brief chit chat, John wandered off to be the ever social butterfly. Since he seemed occupied, my date and I decided to hit the dancefloor. It wasn't very long until John kept popping up with random observations like, â┚¬Å”that guy's outfit is tragicâ┚¬Â or â┚¬Å”I have this song on LP.â┚¬Â After the third or fourth interruption, it became apparent that it wasn't so â┚¬Å”random.â┚¬Â

Every time my date and I would dance close or I would lean it to talk to him, there was John. I realized that John was nervous. The friend part of me felt compassion but the old boyfriend part of me felt incredibly smug. In an effort to be a friend and to ease my date's discomfort, I apologized and told him I'd call him later. I stayed behind to hang out with just John.

After three or four Cape Cods, I thought maybe I had figured out the friend equation.

â┚¬Å”So, tell me what's going on with Danny,â┚¬Â I offered.

â┚¬Å”Really?â┚¬Â John inquired, surprised.

â┚¬Å”Yea. Friends are supposed to be able to talk about this kind of stuff.â┚¬Â

He nodded, and then went on to tell me how they'd been working things out and talking about compromise. He was even contemplating moving with him to North Carolina. I almost choked on my drink.

â┚¬Å”Ok, stop.â┚¬Â


â┚¬Å”You'd move to be with some guy you've only been dating for like a couple of months but whenever I asked you to do ANYTHING for me, let alone move, you made it a battle! In fact, you once said you'd NEVER leave Florida. Ever!â┚¬Â

â┚¬Å”Well, things change.â┚¬Â

â┚¬Å”Meaning, what?! You just didn't really want to be with me. I was just convenient.â┚¬Â

â┚¬Å”Danny and I â┚¬â€œâ┚¬Å”

â┚¬Å”Don't even say his name to me! Give me that much respect. You string me along for three years and then when things got too complicated or involved compromise, you just bailed and lined up someone else!â┚¬Â

â┚¬Å”I don't need to deal with this,â┚¬Â he said, turning to walk away.

I grabbed his shoulder, turning him back in my direction. â┚¬Å”You're right. I'll go.â┚¬Â I began to walk away but turned back. â┚¬Å”I think this seems like a great way to end things.â┚¬Â

I finally got it. He's happy/we're over.

Even though it wasn't my proudest moment, I realized that while I could forgive John for what he put me through, the real problem was that I couldn't forget.

Yet, what really made me want to cry is that I’m losing my best friend. Whenever something funny or good happens, I still want to call him and tell him about it.

Erik Fact: You can't control what someone feels. You are also entitled to feel the way that you feel.

Eh, who am I kidding? Let's be real. Deep down what really irks me is that if he couldn't make it work with me then I don't want to see him happy with someone else.

Giving Up The Ghost

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ErikCabanHeadshot_copyHave you ever wanted to kiss someone and punch them in the face at the same time?

Even though I was thankful for the clarity and narrowly escaping what could’ve been yet another detrimental relationship, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had picked Warren?

I was sitting at my neighborhood gay bar, feeding the juke box full of break-up and empowerment songs, sipping on Cape Cods and analyzing my behavior. For starters, I was going at the relationship the wrong way and was doing things for him for the wrong reasons. I was doing things to get recognition or love but it shouldn’t matter what I’m doing for him. A potential suitor should want me for me; insecurities; flaws and all.

Then I thought, maybe I had misconstrued the situation all together, trying to make him something he wasn’t meant to be. Warren came into my life, as most people do, for a reason. His was to be a friend, a mirror, to help me see that my relationship with John was unhealthy, over and that I could open my heart again.

In the end, I realized I had put too much weight on the relationship with Warren. I knew he was basically John with a different face but deep down, I would tell myself, it had to work. Otherwise, there must be truth in what John said about me being a controlling, nagging, mistake. And that I had thrown away any chance of loving and being loved again.

As I wondered if I was going to continue to be haunted by my past and continue making the same mistakes, my past walked in the door. A familiar voice bellowed above the music. I glanced over to see John with some Rough Trade wrapped around him. This didn’t shock me because I had heard through the grapevine that he and Danny had recently broken up. I rolled my eyes.

I’m so not in the mindset to deal with this.

I couldn’t bear to let him know that things hadn’t worked out with Warren, so I threw back my drink and tried to make a B-line for the door. Before I could hop off my stool, John was already situated next to me at the bar.

He introduced me to his fellow inebriated “friend.” I was cordial but wondered if anyone would blame me if I was a tad snarky.

“Wow, what’s this,” he questioned rubbing his hand across my cheek to feel my newly grown beard. “I like it. Very sexy.”

“Thanks,” I said, retracting so that my face was no longer within grasp.

I turned back toward the bar as his date wandered off to find the restroom. I began playing with my phone, hoping John would take the hint and go away.

“You look really good,” he slurred.

Flabbergasted, I looked over at him hovering over my shoulder. “Aren’t you on a date?”

“Erik, you know you’re the only man I love.”


“Do you still love me?”

Now you know what I meant with my intro question.

“I can’t answer that,” I replied sincerely.

“Just tell me that you still love me. That’s all I need to know.”

“John, you’re drunk. You’re obviously upset about your break-up with Danny. And you’re here with some trick. I can’t answer that question right now.”

As his date staggered over, John leaned in to kiss me. Not expecting it, I swiftly turned my head so his lips landed on the side of my mouth. Rough Trade came to retrieve John so they could leave.

While John was still leaning in to hug me, I whispered, “If you “love” me, don’t go home with that guy.”

“I’m doing what I need to do,” he replied, walking off with R.T.

I had no idea what that meant but I did know I had made the right decision.

Is it true that you’re bound to run into old lovers, ex-boyfriends, anyone you have unresolved issues with, again and again until you resolve them? I thought my relationship with John was long-dead but with one question he was suddenly a presence in my life again. Or had he never left?

“Do you still have feelings for John?” my friend Scott asked me the next day over coffee.

“No!” I instantly answered. “I don’t know…I don’t know.”

Erik Fact: “That which doesn’t kill you, makes you want to die.” – Beverly Donofrio

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3.18.10 Editor’s Desk

By : Steve Blanchard
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SteveBlanchardHeadshotA person should be judged by their skills and abilities while at work and nothing else. Of course, everybody should be protected from harassment and discrimination.

Companies, universities and non-profits throughout the country have added non-discrimination policies to protect their workers. Most organizations and companies want to ensure that employees are not harassed for their religious beliefs, their age or their sexual orientation or gender identity. I am a very liberal person when it comes to social issues. I think everyone should be treated with respect, even if we don’t understand their way of living, their religion or their gender identity. If a person or group doesn’t pose a threat to my everyday life, then protecting that person or group from all discrimination is a no-brainer.

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