Overheard in Orlando: New look for Headdress Ball

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A new Hope
Hope and Help’s Headdress Ball has announced their new theme and name for the upcoming fundraiser. Scheduled for September 17, 2016, LOVE Headdress Ball’s tickets are already available. The 27th annual fundraiser features over the top Las Vegas-style performances and incredible auctions all benefiting the Hope and Help Center. This year’s Headdress Ball will also be held at a new location: the World Center Marriott. Along with the new name and the new venue, Watermark has heard a rumor of a new look coming to the Hope and Help’s logo. Presently the new logo is currently under wraps but will most likely be revealed right before the upcoming AIDS Walk scheduled for April 16.

Drag is an art
Sanford’s Historic Downtown arts district became a total Drag on March 19 as they celebrated the first ever Art is a Drag! This was an interesting take on the typical art walk, replete with a twist, sashay and a fierce look! The walk included an art exhibit, artists sketching live models (who happened to be drag queens). A queen-for-a-day selfie station, gilded throne included and of course a Drag Transformation station, where make-up artists would turn the art lover into a queen that would rival any of the RuPaul Girls. No word yet when the 2017 Art is a Drag will return to Sanford, but we’re breaking in our heels just in case.

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