Acclaimed poet Derrik Austin brings sexuality, race and bluntness to Orlando reading

By : Brendan O'Connor
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derrick austin

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It isn’t the stuff that “lauded poetry” brings to mind, necessarily – the dusty bristle of Caucasian blues set to rhyming schemes and meters – but Florida native Derrick Austin is breaking barriers and furrowing brows with his visceral and poetic take on otherness. And the praise has been plentiful. He certainly isn’t shy.

“Slowly eat out my asshole, slowly while bees
lave daffodils on our balcony and remember
each bloom with dance. You growl. I lick
your armpits. Come, come for me, you say,
our moans made fluid on our canvas of a bed.”
– 6., Trouble the Water, BOA Editions 2016

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