A decade after Caylee Anthony went missing, former Orange County CSI Robin Maynard-Harris recalls the events

By : Jeremy Williams
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So much has been written about Casey Anthony, her daughter Caylee’s disappearance and the subsequent discovery of Caylee’s body.

The media circus surrounded Central Florida in the years between Casey Anthony being arrested for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter in Oct. 2008 and her shocking acquittal for murder in July 2011. Many involved in the investigation and the case have spoken out to news network talk show hosts, written books and gone on press tours explaining what happened. One person who kept silent was Orange County Sheriff’s crime scene investigator, Robin Maynard-Harris.

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5.17.18 Publisher’s Desk

By : Rick Claggett
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It’s easy to forget. I forget things all the time. In fact, I forget things so easily that I am pretty sure our sales director Danny Garcia uses it against me. He’ll say I approved something in a conversation we never had knowing that I will assume we had the conversation and I don’t remember it. It works for us.

I also get so caught up in day to day “adulting” that I forget what it’s like to be alone in a new city, to start a new relationship, to be a kid or to plan for college. All of which I have been reminded of this past month, and I love it.

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