Watermark columnist Jason LeClerc releases second major book, turns perspective on its head

By : Billy Manes
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Tampa Bay-based writer, columnist and self-proclaimed “poet-economist” Jason Leclerc is no stranger to Watermark’s readership. He’s been brave enough – even lexicon-swirled-in-laughter enough – to make a strong argument for being a gay Republican, which is no easy task in these pages. In 2013, Leclerc released his first book, a collection of math and reflections in the mirrors of logic like few before it called, oddly, Momentitiousness. On Aug. 7, Leclerc’s follow-up tome Black Kettle hits the stores and the internet with a different tone. He’ll be doing some reading and mingling and signing among friends from his hometown and fans from all over.

One reading, Leclerc says, will be a story called “Baptizer.” (“I’ve read it a couple times since Pulse, and I weep,” he says. “I don’t know how selfish that sounds. In light of Pulse, I think you’ll get chills, because I wrote it three years before.”)

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