Lady Fingers: Baby Talk

By : Sabrina Ambra
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I’ve really never understood the concept of the “biological clock,” nor have I tried. At the ripe age of 28 (by the way, I can still say that as of this writing) I am very aware that a good portion of my peers have popped-out at least one, if not four children. While that has not personally inspired me to start breeding, it has been a pretty amazing experience to watch my friends become incredible mothers. It seems like just yesterday I was the one projectile-vomiting on them, and now it’s the fruit of their loins that is doing the yacking.

I don’t necessarily feel any pressure to have children, which I find interesting considering that like most women for the last two centuries, I have been and will continue to be asked if/when I’ll have children. I still get asked in some shape or form, but not as frequently and I think I know why.

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