California considers update to antiquated HIV laws

By : Wire Report
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SAN FRANCISCO — Legislation slated to be introduced this week would update California’s laws criminalizing HIV, which were adopted during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, so that a person could not be prosecuted for intentionally transmitting the virus if their sex partner tested negative for HIV, the Bay Area Reporter reports.

Under current law, HIV-positive persons may be prosecuted for engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with the specific intent to transmit HIV even if no actual transmission of the virus occurs. If convicted, they could be sentenced to up to eight years in prison.

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Taking the poverty plunge: Politicians and political hopefuls promise to live on minimum wage

By : Billy Manes
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This morning, the Fight for 15 campaign (along with Organize Now and the SEIU) staged a press conference at Sedano’s wayyyyy out east on Curry Ford Road. If it seems like a pointless effort — a living wage ordinance was just tabled in Osceola County last week — it certainly didn’t feel that way outside the grocery store.

Former Taco Bell employee Andrew Skurow claimed that he could have gone blind from the oil that would fly up into his eyes while preparing the fastest of foods, and his employers didn’t give a damn. Most argued that increasing wages would feed more money into our dire Central Florida economy, which would, in effect, cost businesses no money. As witnessed at the recent Osceola hearing, employers aren’t buying it. As witnessed across the country where these living wage ordinances have passed, though, employers are wrong.

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