Watermark’s Most Eligible Singles 2020: Nick Smith

By : Jeremy Williams
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AGE: 34

BORN IN: Honolulu, Hawaii


PRONOUNS: He/ him/ his

SIGN: Gemini

There are many words that can be used to describe Nick Smith, but dull is definitely not one of them. Some of the words you would use to describe him include fun, creative and friendly.

“I just like to be a kid at heart and I would like someone who understands that,” Nick says. “I like my cartoons, my video games, my comics; so if someone can at least appreciate or understand that part of me then that would be great.”

Nick is one of those driven men who wear many different hats. Besides being the creator of Downtown Orlando’s Sunday Funday – which includes Ember, Chillers and Latitudes – he is now a realtor and popular artist with quite a following.

“I started doing more like fan art kind of stuff,” he says. “I wanted things to look original, not just like prints. I would add in 3D elements and create things that were really hard to recreate or mass produce. I was just doing it for myself originally and then people started showing an interest and then people started buying.”

Nick’s art focuses on his passion for pop culture and involves combining characters painted on top of their own works whether it’s music sheets or pages from books, comics or screenplays. The care and attention Nick pays to his art are also traits he carries over to his volunteer work at the Zebra Coalition.

“I’ve been volunteering there for several months now and it’s something I’m very passionate about,” he says. “I feel like I can relate on many levels to what they are going through. A lot of the things these LGBTQ youth are dealing with are things that us older ones have been through.”

Nick’s ideal mate is adventurous, driven and supportive. “Someone that inspires me to be a better version of myself,” he says. Nick is also looking for someone who is funny and someone he can be totally random with.

“Ideally if they play video games and they’re a nerd that would be great too,” he says.

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