Watermark’s Most Eligible Singles 2020: Nate Taylor

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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AGE: 37

BORN IN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PRONOUNS: He/him/his

SIGN: Sagittarius

Nate Taylor has lived everywhere from Louisville, Kentucky to Yokosuka, Japan, but says nowhere has ever felt as much like home as Tampa Bay.

A self-described “military brat,” he spent his childhood following his father overseas. As an adult, he worked in education in college campuses across the country. “I’ve lived all over,” Nate says, “but this area was like home. It’s always seemed wide open; it feels a lot more comfortable and accepting.”

The sense of community he felt led him to actively cultivate it, which he currently does as Metro Inclusive Health’s division director of community initiatives.

“It is all about community connection and activation, of letting people see and understand what we provide and who we are,” Nate says of his role. “We offer more than 100 programs and services, so we have to be strategic in our messaging to raise awareness about that.”

He also raises awareness as fan favorite drag entertainer Pheyonce Montrese, working with other activists throughout Tampa Bay to organize charity benefits, pageants and performances. “It is really just about giving back and doing things to make people happy,” Nate says, “and you do that through performing and also using your voice.

“It’s that human connection piece of things,” he continues, “of making people smile or making them more knowledgeable. Knowledge is key.”

Of all Nate’s roles, it’s his role as a father that is most dear. “Being a single dad is probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he says. “My child is first and foremost.”

Nate is seeking someone who understands that fact – a partner who can appreciate both family and fun. “My life is a lot,” he muses. “I’d like to find someone that is willing to take on everything that I take on. I’m looking for someone who’s looking to enhance their life, who wants to grow.”

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