Watermark’s Most Eligible Singles 2020: Michael Womack

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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AGE: 25

BORN IN: Tampa, Florida



SIGN: Capricorn

As the communications manager for Equality Florida, the state’s largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing equality for Florida’s LGBTQ community, Michael Womack advocates for change and for community.

In overseeing the organization’s communications department, he handles social media analytics and reporting. He also manages communication internships, builds statewide and municipal communications, works on special projects and with the organization’s political action committee.

He also voluntarily attends the bulk of Equality Florida’s events in the Tampa Bay area, joining others across the state in support of their mission when he’s able. Most recently, that included Lobby Days 2020, where equality-focused advocates converged on the Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

“I see change happen,” Michael says. “I go to work every day and I’m inspired by the people that I work with and by the work that we do. The hype is real – and I say that not just as a staff member, I say that as a as a person who belongs to this community and who belongs to the progressive community in general.”

Michael says his role is an intersection of three aspects of his life. His public relations degree and communications background, his place in the LGBTQ community and his passion for politics.

“When I came into this job, it was kind of the perfect storm of those three things,” he says. “I haven’t looked back since. It’s been a really, really great fit.”

As for the perfect fit for his personal life, Michael laughs, it’s “a registered voter. That should go without saying, just right off the bat. I’m looking for someone that is worldly and knows what’s going on; someone that’s well rounded, loyal and passionate about some of the same things that I am.”

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