Watermark’s Most Eligible Singles 2020: Lolita Jerido

By : Jeremy Williams
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AGE: 42

BORN IN: Bahamas

IDENTIFIES AS: Bisexual female

PRONOUNS: No preference

SIGN: Scorpio

Lolita Jerido lives by her three pillars of life: faith, philanthropy and family.

“That is what makes me the person that I am,” she says. “My father is Ethiopian and my mother is Bohemian, and family is very important in both of those cultures.”

Lolita’s father was also in the U.S. Army so she moved around a lot as a child. As a military brat, family was the only consistent thing for Lolita growing up which is why it is so important to her and why it needs to be important for her future mate.

“Family is everything and starts at the core,” she says. “Everything else is secondary.”

A few of those secondary traits that Lolita – who describes herself as an exotic and free-spirited individual – is looking for include a person who is confident and has a sense of humor, as well as someone who is financially mature and stable.

“I’m not going to say that the person I’m with has to make the same kind of money I make,” Lolita says. “It is more about what do you do with the money that you do make? Are you mature in your finances?”

Someone who is passionate and happy with what they do for a living would make a good match for Lolita, as she loves what she does. She is the vice president of philanthropy for Shepherd’s Hope – a nonprofit, faith-based organization of volunteers that exists to provide access to healthcare for the uninsured.

“Philanthropy is so important to me,” she says.

So if you want to get to know Lolita better, she will have a few questions for you first.

“What are you doing for your fellow mate? How are you giving back to your community, how are you investing in your community?”

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