Watermark’s Most Eligible Singles 2020: Brandon Wolf

By : Jeremy Williams
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AGE: 31

BORN IN: Portland, Oregon


PRONOUNS: He/ him/ his


While activism is his true calling, Brandon Wolf came to Orlando 13 years ago the same way many of us do, because of a mouse named Mickey.

“I auditioned for Disney and they sent me to Florida,” Brandon says. “I thought being on the west coast they would send me to California, but when they called me back they said ‘we want you at Disney World’ and I thought, ‘you know what, Florida sounds nice.’”

While entertaining brought him here it is a passion for his community that has provided him with his greatest rewards.

“Once I started charting my own path I discovered what I was passionate about is the community that I live in and making life better for other people,” he says.

Ways that Brandon is trying to make life better for others, and two things he is passionate about, is fighting against gun violence and helping create the nonprofit organization, The Dru Project. Both of which were born out of the Pulse tragedy, which Brandon was at and lost his best friends to.

“I think the trait that stands out with me is that I’m always driven by what I’m passionate about. Everything I do, whether that’s pleasure or work.”

That passion and excitement is what led Equality Florida to come calling on Brandon and name him their media relations manager.

“I do lots of work lobbying for pro-equality issues in Tallahassee and fighting anti-LGBTQ things across the state,” he says.

Brandon accepted his place on this list because he says it will provide an opportunity to connect with people and talk about what he is passionate about.

“And who knows, if there’s a man in Central Florida that is passionate about the same things maybe this is the way I’ll meet him,” he says.

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