Watermark’s Wedding Bell: Kevin Ligad and Nate Rohenkohl

By : Lora Korpar
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Kevin Ligad proposed to husband Nate Rohenkohl in front of the Eiffel Tower using the magic of numbers.

Nate said that though the couple were in one of the most romantic cities in the world, he never expected Kevin to get down on his knee right as the tower lit up and say “It’s been 1,830 days since we met, 1,700 days since we started dating and 1,550 days since I first told you I loved you – and now I want to spend every single day of the rest of my life with you.”

“We’d had a ton of wine that night so I was a little slow to pick up what was happening at first (and even more impressed that he kept it together with all that math),” Nate says. “It was the perfect night.”

Kevin first caught Nate’s eye in May 2013 when he brought Strawberitas to a mutual friend’s barbeque.

“I’ll defend my choice in drink forever,” Kevin says. “I was in the friend zone for a bit, but the sparks couldn’t be tamed for long.”

After a few months of friendship, the couple made it official and have been together ever since.

Though they moved to Seattle this past summer, they returned to Central Florida — where they both grew up — for their wedding.

Nate and Kevin originally planned to get married in January 2020, but due to their venue closing, they had to move the date up. One of the only available dates was the exact day the couple had started dating six years ago and they felt like it was fate.

“I loved everything about the ceremony, but Nate’s vows may have been my favorite,” Kevin says. “He spoke about how before he met me, his life was in grayscale, but since we’ve been together he loves with all the colors of the rainbow (cue perfectly timed voice crack).”

They invited all the most important people in their lives, with their nieces and nephew acting as flower girls and “ring security” making them the stars of the show, according to Nate.

The couple’s song, “I Only Want to Be with You” by LYRA, was performed by Kevin’s cousin, Megan and brother, Brian.

Kevin surprised Nate by bringing out his guitar mid-reception and singing a song he had dedicated to Nate at an open mic shortly after they met.

The reception also featured a vogue-off, which Nate said “produced some amazing moves.”

“The ceremony in general was exactly how we wanted it to be, with so many of our family members and best friends involved,” Nate says. “I really found my perfect match in an unexpected place. I guess we should cheers some Strawberitas for our first anniversary since that’s what first brought us together.”

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Engagement Date: June 4, 2018

Wedding Date: October 4, 2019

Officiant: Jon Tschanz

Venue: Orchid Garden at Church Street

Colors: Navy/Rose Gold

Wedding Song/Artist: “I Only Want to Be with You” by LYRA

Florist: Lee Forrest Design

Caterer: Puff ‘n Stuff

Bakery: Cake and Bake

Photographer: Eleanor & Pete of Kristen Weaver Photography

Videographer: Mike Johnson, Inspired Mind Films

DJ/Entertainment: DJ Icon

Décor: Hannah Daniel, The Gathering Events Décor

Week of Wedding Coordinator: Theresa Allen, Events Worth Remembering

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