Watermark’s Most Eligible – Tampa Bay: Brian Gallaher

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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AGE: 31

HOMETOWN: Grafton, West Virginia



SIGN: Aries

Brian Gallaher moved to Florida for the ocean—and more specifically, the Florida Aquarium.

The self-described extroverted introvert, an eclectic environmentalist who plays everything from videogames to the piano, ventured to Tampa Bay to work for the area attraction in 2015. It’s in his public relations and marketing role that he raises awareness about their activities and efforts.

“To me there’s nothing more important than the natural environment,” Brian says. “My real passion for doing the work is the conservation and education efforts of the aquarium; working towards saving coral reefs and rescuing sea turtles. The things that I help market and talk about directly go toward helping to save the environment.”

While Brian loves educating others, he also loves learning. “I’m the person who usually sits back in a room and takes everything in,” he says. “I enjoy it. There’s not really anything that doesn’t catch my interest as far as wanting to learn more about everything goes.”

As for the person he’d like to learn more about, he’s looking for that special somebody with a passion. “Whether it’s professional or personal, you have to have something you’re passionate about,” he says. “It’s really important.”

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