Watermark’s Most Eligible – Central Florida: Jeff Jones

By : Jeremy Williams
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AGE: 43

HOMETOWN: Panama City, Fla.

IDENTIFIES AS: “Really gay”

PRONOUNS: He/ him/ his

SIGN: Sagittarius

If a sense of humor is on your list of traits required in a mate, then look no further than Jeff Jones. Jeff is an openly gay stand-up comedian in Orlando. Like, really gay.

“On the Kinsey Scale, I’m probably like an 11.8,” he says.

Jeff spends his time travelling, “telling dirty jokes to rednecks” wherever they pay him to and making people laugh. He’s also an open and honest guy.

“I usually say what’s on my mind, whether it’s good or bad,” he says. “I don’t really beat around the bush about anything. I’m straight forward, I’m honest. I’m just a normal, for the most part, person.”

Jeff is also a talented performer outside of the world of stand-up comedy. He has written, produced, directed and even acted in some of the most well-received Orlando Fringe shows in Central Florida; including “The Animatronicans” and “Vincent.” Jeff is also responsible for the wildly popular “Pink Collar Comedy Show,” which brings together the worlds of comedy and drag.

Jeff’s ideal mate is someone who loves theme parks and Christmas as much as he does, and someone who can “put up with my sarcastic, smart-ass mouth.”

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