St Pete Pride announces new leadership

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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Following its successful 16th year, St Pete Pride announced Nov. 19 that the organization’s board president, vice president and secretary would transition and that its treasurer had been re-elected.

“St Pete Pride voted in new leadership, including three newly-elected officers from various backgrounds,” the organization shared, highlighting Chrys Bundy-Brennan’s election as president. Bundy-Brennan follows Scion Crowder’s four-year term which oversaw St Pete Pride’s largest period of growth.

Bundy-Brennan previously served in 2018 as St Pete Pride’s secretary, a role now filled by the year’s newest board member Richard Brandt. Nathan Bruemmer, who has also served on the board, succeeds Laura Legarreta as vice president. Stanley Solomons retained his position as the organization’s treasurer.

“Chrys will be instrumental in continuing the advancement of the organization, all while ensuring our community is represented,” the outgoing Crowder released in a statement. “He is a natural leader with a large heart and a sensible outlook.”

“I want St Pete Pride to be just as known for their Community Grants Program as we are for our Parade and Festival,” Bundy-Brennan advised in the same release. “Giving back to the community will be our hallmark. Also, it’s time the SP2 Concert (Friday Night) is known as THE concert of the summer in downtown St. Petersburg.”

St Pete Pride Executive Director Luke Blankenship publicly congratulated the organization’s officers following the news. “I’m very excited to continue to work with our newly elected officers,” he shared, “all of which have been instrumental to the growth of St Pete Pride.”

The 17th annual St Pete Pride will be held June 21-23, 2019. The organization will first hold its annual Red & Green Party Dec. 1. The gathering will commemorate World AIDS Day, focus on awareness and include a special community grants presentation. For more information, visit

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