Celine Dion partners with Nununu for new genderneutral, kids clothing line

By : Melanie Ararat
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Céline Dion is partnering with children’s retailer Nununu to create her new genderneutral clothing line for kids called Celinununu. According to the clothing line’s website, the mission was to use fashion to shape people’s minds and inspire children to find their own individuality through fashion.

This was displayed in the new ad Dion put out to promote the clothing line. In the ad, Dion sneaks into a nursery and sees the infants are predictably wearing blue and pink onesies. The songstress decides to break the stereotype by using fairy dust to change the infants’ onesies to black-and-white ensembles.

Nununu founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg talked to Vox about the new line,  saying the reason they started the clothing line was because they couldn’t find clothes for their children outside of the pink-blue binary.

“It was very boyish and girly, very blue and pink, football and flowers,” Milchberg said. “The clothes were divided into two sections, and we were concerned about the emotional aspect.”

Nununu has developed a following among fashion-conscious celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Steph Curry have all dressed their children in Nununu.

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