Two LGBTQ contestants cast on ‘Big Brother’

By : Jeremy Brener
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ORLANDO | On Monday, the cast for the 20th season of ‘Big Brother’ was revealed, and two of the sixteen new contestants are proudly representing the LGBTQ community on the show this summer.

Kaycee Clark, 30, is a professional football player from San Diego, California. She has played in the Women’s Football Alliance for the San Diego Surge for six of the past eight seasons and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When asked in an interview whether she would get in a romance, she said she was not opposed, under one condition.

“I’m open to anything, unless it’s being with a guy,” Clark jokingly said.

The other gay contestant on this year’s edition of ‘Big Brother’ is JC Mounduix, a 27-year old from West Hollywood, California.

Mounduix works as a dancer in some of West Hollywood’s most popular gay clubs and is originally from Miami. He is also the shortest contestant in ‘Big Brother’ history, standing 4’8” tall.

Mounduix says his strategy is to “be the sweetest small guy that everyone would want to hug and kiss.”

Clark and Mounduix will be competing to win $500,000 this summer against 14 other contestants when the show premieres Wednesday, June 27 on CBS.

Images from ‘Big Brother’ website and Facebook.

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