Metro Wellness and Community Centers announces program director changes

By : Ryan Williams-Jent
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ABOVE: Nate Taylor has been named the director of LGBTQ+ programs for Metro Wellness and Community Centers. Image from Facebook.

ST. PETERSBURG | Metro Wellness and Community Centers has announced that Nate Taylor will serve as the organization’s director of LGBTQ+ programs and that James Keane will serve as its director of development.

The two positions were previously held solely by Keane, a four-year Metro veteran. Taylor has served three years on Metro’s board of directors, working as its secretary for the majority of that time.

“Nate has a multitude of experience working in the LGBTQ+ community in organizing events and fundraisers as well as assisting others in their efforts to help the community at large,” Taylor’s biography reads. “He also has an extensive professional career in program creation and leadership.”

“I really hope to build more of a community feel for everyone and bring things to the table that all parts of the community can enjoy,” Taylor says, “bridging those gaps and making things cross-generational. I want to be a direct line and be able to invoke change. Being in the community for so long now, I’m actually at a place where I have the backing and support of the organization to be able to do more.”

He also plans to use his experience performing as Tampa Bay entertainer PheYonce Montrese in his new position. “She’s basically been out there, she’s been involved in the fundraising and hosted events for Metro,” he says of his alter ego. “Now she also has a role where she can actually do things for the community.”

With a renewed focus, Keane says he’s looking forward to spending more time with the community. “I believe in the work of the agency,” he says. “I very much relish the thought of being able to spend time and engage with people who don’t know about all the great things that we do. In doing that, I hope to build and expand our donor base to share the message of what we do with people who don’t currently know how their financial support makes a difference.”

“We’re working on our capital campaign for the St. Petersburg building,” Keane continues, “and room-naming options remain available. Our annual fall fundraiser will be on November 10th this year… there are a lot of major things we’re working on.”

“Metro helps people,” Taylor adds. “There’s always something being done to be a part of folks’ lives, whether it be with medical services, whether it be community-related, whether it be life-skills or other things like that. Metro pretty much touches everyone.”

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