Watermark on the Fringe: “Pianos to the Death Game Show”

By : Danny Garcia
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A flamboyant game show host named Morgan (who resembles Powerline from “A Goofy Movie”) and his two minions, Joy and Harmony, lead you through “Pianos to the Death Game Show,” a literal battle to the death game show featuring three contestants. The music is chosen by  audience members as they spin the digital wheel on a handheld tablet to choose the song categories where the contestants must sing for their life.

The show, calling to mind fight-for-your-life films like “The Running Man” and “The Hunger Games,” is a blend of a dystopian future world and a dueling piano bar.

At first I was weary to sing along – but it was highly encouraged – the lively audience added to the performance and the “contestants” really fed off of that. Surprisingly, the projected image on the wall which would show the wheel with the song categories, timer and scoreboard worked surprisingly well for a Fringe show, no flaws there!

A show where audience participation and the talent of the performers will determine the winner, this is the ideal show to hit after knocking back a few at the beer tent and/or bar – the type of show where you can hoot, holler and sing along to great songs.

“Pianos to the Death Game Show” plays in the Green Venue through May 26. For more information visit OrlandoFringe.org.

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