Watermark on the Fringe: “Lauren & Amanda Do It”

By : Layla Ferris
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Imagine a late-night talk show written by two best friends who just finished a bottle of wine.

That’s the playful and high-energy vibe Lauren Cauchy and Amanda Logan give off during their show “Lauren & Amanda Do It.”

The show dives into all things sex — awaiting HPV results, the cost of contraception and even Merlot-flavored lube. The Canada-based duo frequently elicited hearty laughs from the audience.

Sex is a broad topic, so each show is narrowed down by a spin of the trusty “Wheel of Fucking,” which features categories such as “Masturbation,” “Sex Work” and “LGBTQIA+.”

The show’s musical accompanist is openly lesbian Alli Harris, who played comedic songs on the guitar to accentuate various segments of the show.

DK Reinemer, who wrote and stars in “Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy,” was the featured guest for the sexually fueled production. Reinemer joined the fun, discussing sex positions, growing up in a sex-positive household and childhood confusion about French kissing. A new featured guest will be at each showing.

The chemistry of everyone on stage made the experience comfortable and authentic. The show is engaging, leaving me wishing it was more than 60 minutes. Check it out, you just might win a pair of handcuffs.

Running through May 26 in the Brown venue of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center. For more information, go to OrlandoFringe.org.

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