Taylor Swift’s new app taken over by Trump supporters, homophobic users

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Taylor Swift’s new social networking app The Swift Life has been taken over by political commentary, Trump supporters and homophobic comments.

The Swift Life is for Swifties to access news, video footage, pictures and Taylor Swift themed-emojis. Fans can also post content that Swift can see and discuss their favorite artist in forums.

The app encourages users to “help make this a safe and inclusive place for everyone to enjoy” and if they “see anything inappropriate, including instances of bullying or harassment, please report it.”

However, the forums have taken a turn from discussing Swift to political commentary.

“Republicans and Trump supporters have just as much right to be here as everyone,” one fan named Britt posted. “There are people who voted for him or may vote Republican but didn’t vote for him. They may not agree with his beliefs but at least he supports our troops.”

“I just don’t accept gays lesbians and bisexuals,” another fan commented on the post.

The Daily Beast reports that fans took the conversation to Twitter with liberal fans disgusted by the comments, conservative fans upset they couldn’t express free speech and foreign fans feeling the app’s purpose of fangirling over Swift had been taken away.

“Speak now and forever hold your peace. Not on TSL. Speak now here and everyone jumps down your throat,” Britt reportedly wrote in a now-deleted post.

Swift recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to blog PopFront for a blog post connecting her single “Look What You Made Me Do” to white supremacist culture. The pop star has also never denounced white supremacists who have deemed the pop star their “Aryan goddess.”

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