Orlando to create rainbow crosswalk near Pulse

By : Jeremy Williams
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ORLANDO | A permanent rainbow crosswalk near the site of Pulse has been approved by the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Orlando.

The crosswalk will be on West Esther St. off South Orange Ave. going from Pulse to the Dunkin’ Donuts located across the street.

A petition on the website Change.org last July called for the city to install a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of South Orange Ave. and Kaley St. “to honor both the memory of the victims and the struggle of the survivors.” The petition received nearly 3,000 signatures.

Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer at a city council meeting Oct. 9 said West Esther St. was chosen as the site of the rainbow-colored crosswalk due to jurisdictional issues with Orange Ave. and Kaley St, according to Orlando Weekly.

“We feel like Esther is a more appropriate place anyway so we don’t have people that are out in traffic trying to take pictures while walking on the rainbow crosswalk. On Esther, there won’t be as much traffic and it will be a much better place if people are going to take pictures,” Dyer said.

Installation of the rainbow crosswalk begins Oct. 10 and is expected to be completed Oct. 11, weather permitting.

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