Fangtastically Frugal Fashion

By : Scottie Campbell
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We asked area experts to concoct costumes for $100 or less, so you’ll be able to save your bucks for cocktails and pumpkin flavored beer!

Evil Clown

(Alan Ostrander • AEO Studios •

Let’s face it; due to the success of a certain blockbuster movie based on a book by a certain mega-popular horror writer, clowns of all ilk will be the IT costume of the season. But you can be wise with your pennies and pull of this look.

Clown makeup

  • (greasepaint or glycerin cake) $20.00
  • powder puff/sponge $5.00
  • clown wig $20.00
  • thrift store costume $25.00
  • ToothFX Blackout tooth color $9.00

Total: $79.00

Pumpkin Girl

(Andrew Citino • 6S Boutique •

Here is a costume that is makeup intense, but can easily be completed with clothes from your own closet or the thrift store. Honestly, we’re not sure what a pumpkin girl is but we see her in a black cocktail dress.

  • Black (8ml) $8.40
  • Orange (8ml) $8.40
  • Yellow (8ml) $8.40
  • Copper (8ml) $9.80
  • Fixing spray (50ml) $13.80

Total: $48.80

Steampunk Clown

(Andrew Citino • 6S Boutique •

The oddly sexy sci-fi mashup for future and yesteryear known as steampunk continues to be popular. To do a bang up job with this make-up kit will take more than a lick and a promise.

  • White (8ml) $8.40
  • Black (8ml) $8.40
  • Purple (8ml) $8.40
  • Blue (8ml) $8.40
  • Red (8ml) $8.40
  • Fixing spray (50ml) $13.80
  • Hat $25.00

Total: $80.80

1920s Flapper

(Ben Johansen • Embellish FX •

Prohibition is long over, drink up and get zozzled! A flapper costume is easy to put together and comfortable to wear no matter the event you attend. The fun these girls had is timeless and you want to be part of that!

  • Leg Avenue Gatsby Flapper $49.99
  • Flat back seam fishnets $5.99
  • Long cigarette holder $4.99
  • Flapper head band with feather and pearls $19.99
  • Strand of white pearls $4.99
  • Satin elbow length gloves $11.99

Total: $97.94

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