Orlando’s Overheard: Final trivia, Ginger Minj makes ‘Friends’ & closed attractions

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Scottie’s Last Day

For nearly three years, The Hammered Lamb has played host to Scottie Campbell’s Trivia Night, which raises money for Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Week after week, Scottie hosts on The Hammered Lamb’s outdoor patio, with many trivia fans arriving early just to guarantee a seat. However, Scottie’s trivia days are nearly over. The official Last Day of Trivia arrives on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

Scottie’s goal to raise money for Florida Little Dog Rescue was born from an act of remembrance when he and his partner, Brandon, had to say goodbye to their dog Morton. Since that time Florida Little Dog Rescue has been the benefiting charity of The Hammered Lamb’s Trivia, having collected nearly $20,000 – that’s a lot of rescued pups!

With the last trivia game, Scottie is going out with a bang. He has created a GoFundMe to raise funds so he could match The Hammered Lamb’s donation dollar for dollar.

Ginger Minj gets Dumplin’ed!

Central Florida’s very own Josh Eads, also known by his drag persona Ginger Minj, didn’t just make a splash on RuPaul’s Drag Race, she cannon balled in and soaked the competition.

OK, she may not have taken the crown in season 7 of RPDR and in RPDR’s All-Stars season 2 when she appeared, but Ginger has totally Jennifer Hudson’d herself and turned her time on RPDR into multiple tour dates, her own show and she even cut an album; ain’t nothing can stop Ginger. On top of all that success, it was just recently announced that Ginger will be featured in the musical comedy Dumplin’.

Based on the 2015 Julie Murphy novel, Dumplin’ follows a confident, plus-sized teen who, to spite her beauty queen mom (played by Jennifer Aniston) and the other girls in school, she enlists in a local pageant.

The film is currently in production with no release date as of yet.

Theme Parked and stalled

At last month’s D23 convention, Disney officially announced the closing of the Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Ellen’s Universe of Energy at Epcot, which featured an animatronic Ellen fighting a dinosaur. Both attractions closed to fans lining up to see them just one last time Aug. 13.

The Great Movie Ride will be replaced by a Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride and over at the old Universe of Energy, a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride will fill that slot.

Not to be outdone, Universal announced that after Halloween Horror Nights 2017, the theme parks in both Orlando and Hollywood will say goodbye to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.

The show, which ran for the last 26 years, often parodied pop-culture and featured scantily clad dancers (both men and women) gyrating to the enjoyment of many of the park patrons.

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